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Engen Books releases partial 2021 schedule, revealing over 21 new titles.

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Despite the issues facing our company, our industry, and the world, Engen Books continued to grow in 2020. A plethora of new titles were released from Newfoundland's fastest growing publisher, with books like Ashes garnering amazing reviews, Terror Nova selling out in a record thirty days, the start of the incredibly collaborative Slipstreamers series, and the launching of Engen's new Non-Fiction imprint. As incredible as all that is... we're making 2021 even bigger.

We started 2020 with 15 planned titles, and that number went up as the year went on. This year we're aiming higher, with 21 projects announcing today, and more on the way we can't even tell you about yet. It's going to be nuts.

Lady of Vision Author: Amanda Labonté Genre: Steampunk, Clean Romance Amanda Labonté is taking the same incisive knack for story that transformed Call of the Sea and Supernatural Causes into icons of mermaids and werewolves to the Steampunk genre! Lady Hazel Winchester dreams of a front page byline in an age when female reporters are preposterous: but she'll break this case wide open! Available January 2021, with sequels available in April 2021 and July 2021!

The Love of Julia Author: Sarah Thompson Genre: LGBTQ+ Romance Following the one of Engen's bestselling title of 2020, Sarah Thompson returns for the second chapter in her lesbian romance trilogy that tugged the heartstrings of readers, The Love of Julia. Look for it in January 2021!

Variety Show Author: Ali House Genre: Literary Horror Master storyteller Ali House takes on the horror genre and merges it with her knowledge of the arts community as she tells the story of the actors in the Quaint Little Theatre on Jacobi Street. Will jealousy and vindictiveness tear this troupe apart... or will it be the mysterious creature that lives beneath the theatre? Find out, February 2021!

I Am Funny Like That Author: Helen C Escott Genre: Memoir, Humour Join bestselling award-winning author Helen C Escott as she takes us through the humour, wit, and strangeness that is life on this planet! If you've ever thrown out your back taking off spanx, planned your husband's murder in your head, or screamed through a Brazilian, this book is for you! March 2021!

The Devil to Pay Author: Kit Berlin Genre: Thriller Author Kit Berlin has crafted an amazing novel about the hunt for an intense artifact of the Second World War: a coin that could decide the fate of millions! In the vein of Dan Brown and Jon Land comes this cultural thriller you won't want to miss! April 2021!

Mythology Sci-Fi from the Rock Editors: Erin Vance & Ellen Curtis Genre: Mythology, Short Fiction Our yearly From The Rock series continues with its eighth straight volume, focusing on tales inspired by the Mythology! Featuring 26 amazing authors from Atlantic Canada, this collection is sure to add to the growing list of bestsellers on the From the Rock list! Not to be missed! Edited by Ellen Curtis and Erin Vance, available April 2021!

The Rats of Refraction Author: Ellen Curtis & Matthew LeDrew Genre: Thriller Secrets abound on where the next Infinity book will go after the explosive events of Garden of the Eighth Circle and the crossover event First Aid. When an long forgotten terror from the past of the Engen Universe emerges, will Abby and Alice be able to stop it? Available April 2021!

Bifocal Author: Andrew Peacock Genre: Short Fiction A collection of short fiction by Peacock, with accompanying images by Kaleigh Middelkoop. It examines the human condition and imagination, and is a must have for any collection. Coming November 2021!

Corporate Invasion! Author: Teresita Dziadura Genre: Science-Fiction Thriller, Alien Invasion Announcing new author Teresita Dziadura in her debut novel! Dziadura has impressed judges and readers with her entries in the From the Rock series for years, and now gets her first full novel that early readers are calling "John Carpenter's The Thing meets Office Space!" Look for this incredible debut novel May 2021!

Track Shoes & Shotguns Author: Gord Follett Genre: Memoir, Newfoundland “Neither dream nor aspiration about writing a book did I ever have, until family encouragement (read - persistence) and a pandemic afforded me the opportunity - at 62 years of age, no less - to give the idea serious thought,” said Follett. “And here I am. Although still somewhat nervous about the prospect of putting something together which I hope people will enjoy reading, there is a level of excitement as well that I’ve never experienced before.” Keep an eye out for this book needed for every Newfoundland library in September 2021!

The Risen Author: Jon Dobbin Genre: Western Horror After the critical and commercial success of Dobbin's debut novel The Starving, fans of the genre have been clamoring for more from the rugged main character, Weston. Fans of the character and his stories will get their wish in June 2021, when Engen Books proudly presents: The Risen. June 2021.

Quick Bright Things Author: Lily McCarthy Genre: LGBTQ+ Romance New author Lily McCarthy is ready to take the romance world by storm with this incredible and powerful tale of love and honesty. More details to come, look for it in November 2021.

TombStories Author: Kelley Power Genre: YA Horror, Short Fiction Rising from her work in bestselling anthologies like Terror Nova and Chillers from the Rock, Power's new book will be a YA-aimed collection of scary short stories designed to intrigue, provoke, and spook. Watch for it behind every corner and under every bed, in September 2021.

Terror Nova 2 Author: Mike Hickey Genre: Short Fiction Following up the bestselling horror anthology of 2020 with more dark tales from Newfoundland's shores. Author announcements and surprises to come, stay tuned for this December 2021 sequel to the acclaimed collection.

Zombies on the Rock: Extinction Author: Paul Carberry Genre: Horror It is the end of the end. Concluding the long-running series that launches the career of horror icon Paul Carberry, learn how the end of the world ends as the people of Newfoundland make one desperate last stand against the zombie plague. Not for the faint of heart, watch for it October 2021.

It's Just Politics Author: Sonia B. Glover Genre: Non-Fiction Another prominent local Newfoundland celebrity contributing to our non-fiction initiative in 2021, details to be announced.

The Epic Quest for Terral B. Hylotz Author: Andrew Pike Genre: Science-Fiction Humour In the style of Douglas Adams and Terry Prachett comes an incredible new novel from the witty, extreme mind of storytelling Andrew Pike, remembered for his incredible short fiction in both Dystopia from the Rock and Pulp Science-Fiction from the Rock. Stay tuned for more announcements soon, coming December 2021!

The most ridiculous thing: that's not even all of it! Stay tuned for more giant 2021 announcements!

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