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Elaine Rigas brings Greek Mythology to the Rock!

Always excited to be introducing new talent to the world, the thirteenth author to be announced for Mythology from the Rock is Elaine Rigas!

Rigas has published short stories in several Greek anthologies, and has also translated into Greek an anthology of French horror short stories by Maurice Level "Stories of Grand Guignol," published by Archetypo Publishing. Other anthologies that she have participated in include "Στα σύνορα του Τρόμου" (In The Borders of Terror - published by Alloste publishing), "Kόκκινος θάνατος: Ιστορίες εμπνευσμένες από το έργο του Ε.A.Poe (Red Death: Stories inspired by the work of EA Poe - published by Universal Pathways), "Το έπος της Φαντασίας" (The Epic of Fantasy - published by iWrite) , "Νυχτερινό Ανθολόγιο" (Nocturnal Anthology - published by Nightread) and "Metal Chapters, Vol.1" (published by Pigi), as the translator of the short story "Ex voto" by Graham Masterton.

A Montreal native currently residing in Sparti, Greece, Rigas brings that depth and knowledge to her short story, 'Erinyes.'

Rigas joins Emily S. Dodge, Ainsley Hawthorn, Jeff Slade, Chantal Boudreau, Amanda Evans, Melissa Bishop, KA Mielke, Ali House, Peter J Foote, Yasmine Dalloul, Hannah Jenkins, and AJ Ryan on the list of announced authors.

There are sixteen authors yet to be revealed, including award-winning short fiction authors, popular novelists, and mainstays of the From the Rock series! Stay tuned to Engen Books for more revelations!

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