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Kelley Power's first collection to be released by Engen Books, 2021.

Engen Books is proud to announce that is will publish the first collection of shorts by author Kelley Power, set for a tentative Fall 2021.

Rising from her work in bestselling anthologies like Terror Nova and Chillers from the Rock, Power's new book will be a YA-aimed collection of scary short stories designed to intrigue, provoke, and spook.

"Kelley Power is a gifted author with a talent for the odd and the scary," says Matthew LeDrew, whose teen horror series founded Engen Books. "She has all the elegance of craft that goes into carefully considered prose to make each word land like a blow, and uses it to craft these perfect stories that should be held in the same regard as Sterling, Lawrence, and King. Her work was always one of the highlights of our thriller anthologies, and I can't wait to see what she does when allowed to spread her wings into a full collection."

Kelley Power is a lifelong logophile who divides her time between communications consulting and writing. Her work has won the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts and Letters competition and the 48-Hour Novel Writing Marathon. She is currently working on completing the manuscript of her first novel, for which she recently received a project grant from ArtsNL.

In February 2018, Power was nominated for a YWCA St. John’s Women of Distinction Award.

Her short story 'F*%$ Jesus' appeared in What’s Written in the Ladies, an anthology collection edited by Bridget Canning. Other short fiction includes 'Treatment' and 'Sifting' in Chillers from the Rock, as well as 'Foreshadows' in Terror Nova.

Power is a member of the Naked Parade Writing Collective; and likes to recharge her creative batteries taking pictures of rocks, collecting rocks, and making her dog hang out with her while she does it.

Engen Books is honoured to be a part of this author's journey, keep watch for her work in last quarter 2021!

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