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We've always considered the artists we work with some of the best people in the province, but in the past few weeks of the COVID-19 crisis its been proven. All of the authors and artists we work with have been going above and beyond: managing day jobs, taking care of children, and working to make sure all the Engen titles stay on deadline!

We consider everyone we work for to be essential, but there are a few right now that the whole province considers essential, and we wanted to spare a moment to say thank you.

Brad Dunne, author of After Dark Vapours, is a home care worker who has been working tirelessly taking care of those in need even during the COVID-19 crisis. His job isn't easy on a good day, and we are eternally grateful for the personal sacrifices he's been making above and beyond the usual during this. Even with all that on his plate, he's been working hard as one of Engen's main editors, and is one of the reasons all our 2020 titles are still on time!

Kit Sora, the revolutionary visual talent behind Kit Sora: The Artobiography has been pulling double duty. She's been helping with mask production necessary to protect the public and front-line workers from the worst risks of COVID-19, and has also been working hard to keep the spirits of the community high with her art. Herself and several photographers have been taking incredibly vivid pictures from home and uploading them as daily challenges, each of them sharing them out to the world to make sure we all know there's still light in the world. Like today's entry, Space, seen to the left. Her monthly short fiction contest also continues to keep authors engages throughout self-isolation!

Matthew Daniels is a front-line worker in the food industry and has been putting himself at risk every day to make sure everyone else has everything they need! Despite his still very full work schedule, he's been taking the time and energy needed as an Engen editor and our most recent board member, as well as finishing up work on his first novel, Diary of Knives. Daniels is a powerhouse in this province whose hard work we need now, more than ever!

So thank you so, so much to you three and all our artists that have dealt with so much change in the past few weeks, we appreciate you all and promise we'll do everything we can in this new normal to keep your fiction coming!

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