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New Rocker! Corinne Lewandowski joins the cast of Mythology from the Rock!

Engen Books is proud to announce that Corinne Lewandowski has been named the twentieth author to be featured in the epic Mythology from the Rock collection, spanning stories of myth and legend from all over the world.

With this title, Lewandowski has earned the title of 'Rocker' (or alternatively, Rock Star), a title reserved for From the Rock authors who have proven themselves proficient at each of the three main categories of genre fiction: science-fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Lewandowski's previous contributions to the series include The Final Invasion published in Pulp Science Fiction from The Rock Family Business published in Dystopia From The Rock. So far, every collection she has been involved with has gone bestseller. She is also a winner of the Joyce Marshall Hsia Memorial Poetry Prize.

Lewandowski joins a list of only 13 authors to have accomplished the task of becoming Rockers, including Ali House, Chantal Boudreau, Jeff Slade, Jon Dobbin, Matthew Daniels, Nicole Little, Paul Carberry, Peter J Foote, Bronwynn Erskine, Sam Bauer, Lisa M. Daly, and, Shannon K Green.

Corinne lives in the Halifax area with her wife and two cats who are all frequently nicknamed “Little Pirate” as needed. When not writing, she enjoys trying to cook as well as a kid in a cooking show (work in progress), PEZ collecting, and board and video games. Other hobbies fight for “spare time” between family and writing time. She is a member of the LGBTI community. Her current WIP is an SF alien contact novel with a lesbian protagonist, a chef, and, a fanboy.

She brings with her story, ‘Only Deities Need Apply.’

Lewandowski joins Bronwynn Erskin, Lisa Timpf, David Lynch Jennifer Shelby, Lisa M Daly, Shannon K Green, Elaine Rigas, Emily S. Dodge, Ainsley Hawthorn, Jeff Slade, Chantal Boudreau, Amanda Evans, Melissa Bishop, KA Mielke, Ali House, Peter J Foote, Yasmine Dalloul, Hannah Jenkins, and AJ Ryan on the list of announced authors.

There are six authors yet to be revealed, including award-winning short fiction authors, popular novelists, and mainstays of the From the Rock series! Stay tuned to Engen Books for more revelations!

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