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Rocker Ali House to return for Mythology from the Rock!

Engen Books is proud and honored to announce the return of bestselling, award-winning author Ali House to 2021's Mythology from the Rock!

Ali House is an award-winning, bestselling author, originally from Newfoundland. She is a graduate of the Fine Arts program at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College (MUN), and currently resides in Halifax where she works in arts administration and spends more time than a person should in and around theaters. She is a master storyteller whose work has helped define the landscapes of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror writing in Atlantic Canada.

To date, House’s short fiction has appeared in every volume of the From the Rock anthology series, as well as Bluenose Paradox, Kit Sora Artobiography, and Terror Nova. Her short fiction was collected in 2020 in The Lightbulb Forest.

Previous novels include The Six Elemental and The Fifth Queen, both a part of her creator-owned Segment Delta Archives series, and this February she will release Variety Show, a suspense thriller from within the Engen Universe. Other works include the fantasy series Choose Your Own Adventurer, the Santa Claus Protection Program, and The Island Adventure as a part of the Slipstreamers series of novellas.

She brings with her her new story 'Trust.'

House joins Peter J Foote, Yasmine Dalloul, Hannah Jenkins, and AJ Ryan on the list of announced authors.

There are twenty-three authors yet to be revealed, including award-winning short fiction authors, popular novelists, and mainstays of the From the Rock series! Stay tuned to Engen Books for more revelations!

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