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Welcoming Ali House and Brad Dunne to the Board!

Engen Books Ltd. is proud and honoured to welcome Ali House and Brad Dunne to the Engen Books Board-of-Directors.

Both authors have a long history in local fiction, each having written and edited many beloved novels and novellas.

Ali House is a graduate of the Fine Arts program at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College (MUN). She currently resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she works in arts administration and spends "more time than a person should" in and around theaters. House is an avid traveler and foodie, and uses her adventures for her inspiration when she writes.

Her novels include The Six Elemental, The Fifth Queen, and Variety Show, and she is also featured in a number of short fiction anthologies, culminating in her collection The Lightbulb Forest.

Brad Dunne is a freelance writer and editor from St. John’s, Newfoundland. He began his writing career as an intern at The Walrus magazine and has published journalism and essays in publications such as Maisonneuve, The Canadian Encyclopedia, and Herizons. His short fiction has been featured in In/Words, Acta Victoriana, and The Cuffer Anthology.

His novels include After Dark Vapours, The Gut, and The Merchant's Mansion.

We're very excited about the new ideas and talent these two long-standing members of the Engen Team can bring!

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