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Announcing Rhea Rollmann, Chantal Boudreau, and, Loren Greene in 'ACCEPTANCE.'

Engen Books and Quadrangle are proud to reveal the preorder link and three authors to-be-featured in their collaboration anthology featuring stories by and about the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

Quadrangle’s mission is to create a community centre for 2SLGBTQAI+ individuals and organizations in Newfoundland and Labrador, a space that is a resource for building community resilience and connection, and that provides supports for existing initiatives of our 2SLGBTQAI+ community. As a registered charity, both working toward having a community centre, and taking up projects like this one contribute to Quad’s vision of contributing to sustainable, positive, community connections. All profits from this collection will go towards that goal.

The title of this year's collection will be Acceptance: Stories at the Centre of Us. Stories were selected by Ailsa Craig, Sulaimon Giwa, AJ Ryan, and, Sarah Thompson.

Rhea Rollmann is a multiple award-winning journalist currently living in St. John's, Newfoundland. She has won the 2017 Atlantic Journalism Gold Award for Best Commentary; the 2021 Atlantic Journalism Silver Award for Best Community Newspaper News Story; was a finalist in the 2018 Canadian Association of Journalists Award; as well as a variety of academic awards. She also once had a 414-day unbroken New York Times Crossword streak. She brings with her her incredible short story Cause and Effect. "I'm delighted and honoured to be involved!" Rhea said, when asked to comment on her involvement. "Promoting and sharing queer representation and creative content is tremendously important - now more than ever! - and I'm super glad Engen Books and Quadrangle have launched this initiative."

Secondly, longtime Engen Books readers will recognize Chantal Boudreau. A Toronto native currently living in Nova Scotia, Boudreau is an avid and prolific author with over sixty credits to her name. She is the author of the Fervor series of novels, as well as the Masters & Renegades series and The Snowy Barrens Trilogy. Boudreau is likely best known for her work in short fiction, and the anthologies she has appeared in have been shortlisted for both the Bram Stoker award and the Aurora award. Her extensive short-fiction bibliography includes fantasy, dark fantasy, and horror. To date she has over seventy published short story credits. Acceptance: Stories at the Centre of Us will be her sixth time featured in an Engen Anthology. "This is a special opportunity to be included in an anthology promoting acceptance and inclusiveness," said Boudreau. "We need more works like this to reinforce the importance of diverse voices." Boudreau brings with her her short story Fruit of Another's Tree.

Thirdly we have Loren Greene, the award-winning author behind the serialized fantasy epic, "Nobody's Way" on Royal Road, as well as Meet You By Hachiko and Edokko, both HachiPress. She won the January 2021 Kit Sora flash fiction contest with her tale After Supper Cup. An amazing, multi-talented author, she brings with her her short story The Villain in Your Love Story, to which editor Sulaimon Giwa commented was "a good focus on an area [of the community] less talked about."

When asked to comment on her inclusion, Greene said: "I'm thrilled to have been chosen for this collection! When I published my first novel, Meet You By Hachiko, the main character had only just begun to consider how she felt about dating and intimacy, and I was hesitant to fully "out" her in the text, when she wasn't sure herself. The word "Aromantic" wasn't even on her radar yet. Being able to revisit the aftermath of that realization and her conflicting feelings in a standalone short story allowed me to push a little further toward open representation for Grace and other characters who might pop up on my drawing board in the future."

Interested parties can click here to preorder Acceptance: Stories at the Centre of Us from Engen Books, expected in the Fall of 2021. All profit from the collection goes toward Quadrangle's community efforts.

Acceptance: Stories at the Centre of Us will feature twenty-two stories from twenty amazing authors. Stay tuned to Engen Books for more author announcements and reveals.

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