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Announcing: STRANGE DUTY by Dwain Campbell

Engen Books is proud to announce the newest book on our 2022 lineup: Strange Duty: Speculative Tales of the Canadian Military from Dwain Campbell.

Featuring 13 stand-alone stories based on historical battles or campaigns throughout Canada’s war history, Strange Duty promises to deliver something for everyone for lovers of historical fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, the paranormal, and more.

Longtime readers of Newfoundland fiction will know the name Dwain Campbell. Campbell is originally from Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada. After his university years in Nova Scotia, he journeyed farther east to begin a teaching career in Newfoundland. Thirty-eight years later, he is semi-retired in St. John’s. Contemporary fantasy is his genre of choice, and Atlantic Canada is a rich source of inspiration. He is author of Tales from the Frozen Ocean, and has contributed stories to Canadian Tales of the Fantastic, Tesseracts 17, and Fantastic Trains. Fans of Neil Gaiman and Stephen King will be at home with this author.

Previous publications include Tales from the Frozen Ocean from Jesperson Publishing (1999) and a long history in speculate fictions magazines all throughout North America.

Stay tuned to Engen Books for more information about this astonishing new collection from one of the bold voices in Canadian literature!

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