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2019 was an amazing year with a plethora of new titles from Newfoundland's fastest growing publisher, culminating in the release of our first Young Readers book, The Last Tree. It's been an incredible year, but we're here to let you know: 2020 is going to be even crazier.

We have a metric ton of titles coming out, a great deal of which we can't even tell you about yet. But there are 15 that we can tell you about, and they're gonna be nuts.

For the Love of Summer Author: Sarah Thompson Genre: LGBTQ+ Romance Our first book of 2020 is a bold new romance from Sarah Thompson, following Summer and her journey through young adulthood to find herself, and realize that the person she's been searching for has been her best friend all along. Available January 2020!

The Lightbulb Forest Author: Ali House Genre: Short Fiction Ali House is one of the top minds in short fiction to come out of Atlantic Canada in the last ten years, and finally her work has been collected into one spectacular volume of short fiction. Collecting 40 tales, this book covers science-fiction, fantasy, dystopia, comedy, horror, and lit fiction stories. Something for everyone in this spectacular volume. Available February 2020!

Pulp Sci-Fi from the Rock Editors: Erin Vance & Ellen Curtis Genre: Science-Fiction, Short Fiction Our yearly From The Rock series continues with its sixth straight volume, focusing on tales inspired by the Pulp Sci-Fi era of storytelling! Featuring 22 amazing authors from Atlantic Canada, this collection is sure to add to the growing list of bestsellers on the From the Rock list! Not to be missed! Edited by Ellen Curtis and Erin Vance, available March 2020!

Fate's Shadow Author: Matthew LeDrew Genre: Crime Thriller The follow-up to the explosive Family Values finds Xander Drew in a state of obsessed depression, as he attempts to find the villainous Celena. He is pulled out of his quest though when one old friend returns from the past -- and another meets an untimely fate. Can Xander figure out the truth behind this mystery before its too late? Find out in April 2020!

Pedestal Author: Gareth W Mitton Genre: Hard Science-Fiction Answering the call for more science fiction comes Gareth Mitton, a prominent and cerebral author from the United Kingdom! Gareth brings with him an incredible story that questions our very view of reality in this incredible instant classic! Not to be missed by fans of Arthur C Clarke, Robert Heinlein, and Scott Bartlett! Coming May 2020!

Ashes Author: Lauralana Dunne Genre: YA Fantasy A YA Fantasy perfect for fans of Harry Potter and His Dark Materials! The story follows Phoenix, a young girl acclimating to life in a strange fantasy world embroiled in a decades-long conflict between men and gargoyles. She must discover who she is and who she can trust if she hopes to unravel the schemes and machinations that threaten to take down her kingdom. Sure to be one of the top books of 2020, don't miss this debut from our next superstar author Lauralana Dunne in June 2020!

Return to the Depths Author: Amanda Labonté Genre: YA Fantasy The thrilling conclusion to the story of the Newfoundland merrow started in Call of the Sea and Drawn to the Tides! July 2020!

Garden of the 8th Circle Authors: Ellen Curtis & Matthew LeDrew Genre: Sci-Fi Crime Thriller The long-awaited fourth volume in the Infinity series from Curtis and LeDrew sees the team deal with the unexpected loss of a teammate at the end of Exodus of Angels, as a new threat from Victor's past rears its ugly head: a cult of sick youth that may have formed as a result of one of his terrible, terrible mistakes. Includes massive hints to the larger epic story of the Engen Universe, this one is a must-read for fans! August 2020!

The Gut Author: Brad Dunne Genre: Noir Thriller The second novel from the acclaimed author of After Dark Vapours follows a new hero through a dark fantasy noir tale. Details are slim, but mark your calendars for September 2020!

Carcharodon Author: Paul Carberry Genre: Horror The fourth novel from bestseller Paul Carberry takes us away from the zombies on the land and brings us to threats in the ocean's depths, and the incredibly massive sharks named Carcharodon! Coming October 2020!

Exposure Author: Erin Vance Genre: Action Comedy The first novel from Engen's editor-in-chief, following a pair of new unlikely heroes through the Engen Universe as they learn the ins and outs of this strange world! Celebrate the amazing editor behind the From the Rock series bringing her story to fruition! Coming October 2020!

Terror Nova Authors: Top Secret! Genre: Horror Short Fiction Helmed by Newfoundland’s preeminent horror showman Mike Hickey (Filmmaker, Designer, Host of Fright Hype) and horror master Matthew LeDrew. It will feature new stories by Newfoundland’s most promising talent, curated specifically for the task of bringing Newfoundland’s terrifying mythology to life! Coming October 2020!

Diary of Knives Author: Matthew Daniels Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller Nick, Kelly, and Tash -- first introduced in The Tourniquet Reprisal -- must navigate their way through incredible danger as they are discovered by an evil organization conducting tests on powered people! The first full length novel from one of the stars of every From the Rock novel, Matthew Daniels! Not to be missed in November 2020!

The Broken Spire Author: Jon Dobbin Genre: Fantasy An amazing fantasy novel featuring an adventurer who thinks he's seen it all: until the day a he's hired to find a mystical floating castle and -- to his amazement -- discovers that it is real. Filled with wit and amazing prose, this book continues the tradition of Dobbin's incredible writing and is not to be missed! Coming December 2020!

The most ridiculous thing: that's not even all of it! Stay tuned for more giant 2020 announcements!

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