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Vacant Chairs, the collection of short poem by Linda Blagdon, has gained Amazon #1 Bestseller status on Amazon. Engen Books would like to thank Blagdon for letting us be a part of her journey to this monumental achievement.

On September 12 2017 Linda Blagdon’s poetry collection Vacant Chairs reached #1 on the Amazon Canadian Poetry Bestsellers list and the Amazon eBook Canadian Bestsellers list. The book peaked at #286 on the Amazon Bestseller’s Rank out of all of Amazon’s 1.8 million paid books at 1:33PM Newfoundland time, and was added to Amazon’s Bestseller’s list at 4:51PM.

“I’m beside myself. I honestly do not know what to think or feel, and I am so grateful," said Blagdon, when called by her publisher to be told the news.Vacant Chairs is a collection of sixty-eight poems from native Newfoundlander Linda Blagdon which highlight the struggles and joys of growing up in Newfoundland. These poems reflect on the nature of family and friends, based on Blagdon's own experience or stories passed down via the Newfoundland oral tradition. Ranging from humorous to tragic, and from inspirational to personal, Vacant Chairs provides a window into the depth of one woman's experience of Newfoundland culture, tradition, and faith.

Linda Blagdon was born November 25, 1954 and was raised in the small outport fishing community of Francois Newfoundland. She lived there until she was 19 and spent a decade living in Coomb’s Cove, another in Marystown, and several years in St. Johns before moving to Calgary and later Windsor to be closer to her children. Vacant Chairs is her first published work.

“We could not be more proud of Linda Blagdon. She is a testament to what this province can accomplish in the arts community, if it tries," said LeDrew, partner at Engen Books.

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