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I don't know if it's the darker days or the colder weather, but there's something about winter that makes me want to crawl under a pile of warm blankets and not emerge until June.

I tend to put off a lot of things during the winter – getting groceries, cleaning, socializing, and sometimes even writing. So, if you're like me, here are some tips on how to stay productive during those dark and dreary winter months!

1. Get cozy! Blankets, while warm and fuzzy, can impede your writing. Instead of wrapping yourself up like a mummy, choose a fleecy housecoat or festive woolen sweater. Not only will you be toasty and cozy, your arms will be free to write!

Bonus Tip: Might as well get those toes warm, too, with some hand-knitted socks! Don't worry if there aren't any treads on them – you'll be too busy writing to actually go anywhere!

2.  Nothing like a warm cuppa! If you're like me, the more typing you do, the colder your fingers get. The solution? Make yourself a warm cup of something to hold. Get wintery with a spiced coffee or tea, or a creamy hot chocolate. Plus, you'll look extra writer-ly as you hold a warm cup in your hands while contemplating what to write next.

Bonus Tip: Don't feel like drinking anything? Make a cup of hot water. Not only do you not waste precious caffeine, you still get the experience of holding a warm cup!

3. Write by candlelight! We’ve all got that romantic notion of writing by candlelight, like all the old greats, so find yourself a big ol' candle and light it while you write (but keep some other lights on, to help avoid eye strain—nobody needs eye strain).

Bonus Tip: Think of the flames as warming up your creativity and burning away all those negative thoughts. You can do it! You can write this! You are the Master of Fire*!

4. Adapt an Advent Calendar! Advent calendars give people something to look forward to in the build-up to Dec 25th, so why not make one doubly useful! Set yourself a daily word limit and resolve not to open that day's door until you've hit your word count. Remember that winter's tough enough as it is, so it should be an easy goal to achieve.

Bonus Tip: Save the calendar and fill it back up with treats to use in future months. Bribe yourself year-round!

And remember, winter will eventually end. Eventually.

Do you have any tips for beating the winter blahs?


*Maintain your Master of Fire title by making sure you don’t burn anything down. Just like your manuscript, you should always keep a close eye on fire, lest it spirals out of control.

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