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Engen Books releases partial 2022 schedule, revealing a dozen new titles.

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Despite the issues facing our company, our industry, and the world, Engen Books has continued to grow in 2021. A plethora of new titles were released from Newfoundland's fastest growing publisher, with books like Acceptance: Stories at the Centre of Us garnering amazing reviews, Track Shoes and Shotguns shattering Engen's sales records within weeks of debuting, the conclusion of the incredibly collaborative Slipstreamers first season, and the expanding of Engen's new Non-Fiction imprint. As incredible as all that is... we're making 2022 even bigger.

We started 2020 with 21 planned titles, and that number went up as the year went on. This year we're aiming higher, with 25 projects! We're announcing 12 today, and more on the way we can't even tell you about, yet. It's going to be nuts.

Roxy Buckles & The Flight of the Sparrow Author: Nicole Little Genre: Science-Fiction Spinning out of her acclaimed story Squid Wars from Pulp Science-Fiction from the Rock, Nicole Little brings her first novel: Roxy Buckles and the Flight of the Sparrow! Set in a not-so-distant future where the successful division of the sun has allowed a second solar system to thrive, this is the story of a bounty hunter bent on revenge. When Roxy Buckles discovers that she has been living a lie, and has been chasing after the wrong man for ten years, she sets out to right a terrible wrong. But in doing so, she fails to consider who might get hurt along the way. A tale of corruption, friendship, love and redemption, full of humor and dry wit!

All Things Broken Author: David Lynch Genre: Epic Fantasy Sivino Spallic, a hopeless dreamer, has always enjoyed his life in the Three Realms. But

when gruesome deaths begin to take place in his village and beyond, none are prepared. Cows have been ravaged and sheep dismembered at the hands and teeth of an unknown beast. As Sivino and his companions walk the banks of the River Andel, it is they that discover the source of this butchery. Nylacci. Savage beasts of myth now stalk the shadows surrounding the village of Egim. Their arrival is the doing of Cehron Cen Kohr, a renegade faerae of great power and increasing madness, who, with the enigmatic Shepherd, has herded the creatures to these once- tranquil lands. Cen Kohr’s motivations are as complex as they are ancient, and the revenge he seeks is directed toward Niamh, daughter of the King of Fae. This first-time novel blew editor-in-chief Erin Vance away with its Tolkien-esque delivery! Not to be missed!

The Last Dragon Author: Paul Carberry Genre: Thriller Picking up on the threads from the wildly successful Carcharodon, Paul Carberry turns his sights next to another horror of the animal kingdom in: The Last Dragon. Carberry improves his skills with each successive book, and remains one of Engen's top-selling authors. Check out his latest in Fall 2022 and watch this space for updates!

A Queer History of Newfoundland (not final title) Author: Rhea Rollmann Genre: Non-Fiction Coming spring 2022, Engen Books Ltd. is thrilled to announce the acquisition of award-winning journalist Rhea Rollmann’s debut work of queer history in twentieth century Newfoundland. Ms. Rollmann will take readers through both documented records as well as first hand accounts of the people, places, and events that shaped queer history on the island portion of the province. “We are proud to play a role in bringing such an important part of Newfoundland history to light,” said Matthew LeDrew, founder of Engen Books Ltd. “It is our hope that this text will provide a building block for future discourse and study.” Update: delayed to make it as comprehensive as we can. Follow us for updates!

Desolate Author: Carolyn R. Parsons Genre: Dystopian, Newfoundlandia It is the year 2047 and Jean Adler knows precisely three things. First, she adores her adopted town of Desolate Island and wants to live there forever. Second, leading her community through the fallout that plunged their world into darkness, forcing her to decide if they will stay or leave, is way outside her skillset. And third, it is guaranteed that only a lucky few of her beloved community— and her brand new family— will make it out alive. What she doesn't know though is: who? From one of Newfoundland's greatest storytellers! Update: Released! Order your copy now!

It's Just Politics Author: Sonia B. Glover Genre: Memoir, Non-Fiction, Politics Coming April 2022, Engen Books Ltd. is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Sonia B. Glover’s political memoir, detailing the indelible events surrounding the 2001 Newfoundland and Labrador Liberal leadership race that split the party in two. Update: Released! Order your copy now!

The Birds Come Back in the Spring Author: Hannah Jenkins Genre: Poetry Advance praise from Michelle Porter (Approaching Fire): "Hannah’s first book of poetry offers the best kind of storytelling: direct, playful, deft and wise. Hannah writes poetry that you’ll want to quote and read aloud to the people you love. Her voice is fresh and the stories she tells will resonate across the generations. In many ways this collection is about the growing up we’ve all had to do and are still doing, and will be doing for the rest of our lives. You’ll read this collection again and again. I already can’t wait for her next book." Update: Released! Order your copy now!

Sea Stories Sci-Fi from the Rock Editors: Erin Vance & Ellen Curtis Genre: Anthology, Short Fiction Our yearly From The Rock series continues with its ninth straight volume, focusing on tales inspired by the the sea! Featuring 15 amazing authors from Atlantic Canada, this collection is sure to add to the growing list of bestsellers on the From the Rock list! Not to be missed! Edited by Ellen Curtis and Erin Vance, available June 2022! Update: Released! Order your copy now!

The Merchant’s Mansion Author: Brad Dunne Genre: Thriller Brad Dunne returns, bringing his incisive eye back to Newfoundland culture and the horrors that sink beneath it in The Merchant's Mansion. Acclaimed for both After Dark Vapours and The Gut, Dunne's new book is his greatest yet. Watch this space for updates coming soon, releasing first quarter, 2022. Update: Released! Order now!

Terror Nova: Writers Retreat Author: Mike Hickey, et al Genre: Anthology, Horror When the enigmatic author of the cult classic bestseller Terror Nova roams the countryside to try and find an end to his writer's block, he is confronted at every turn by locals and loyal readers who share with him their own tales of dread from Newfoundland's rocky shores. He went searching for a scary story, and may find that he finds it... Update: Released! Order now!

Interstitches: Worlds Sewn Together Author: Matthew Daniels Genre: Short Fiction A collection of the intellectually stunning short fiction of Newfoundland's most brilliant short-form author, Matthew Daniels. This collection weaves his worlds into one cascading tapestry of light and sound and experience, with a beautiful cover by the astonishing Mandi Coates (Tea, Shadows, and Surprises). Preorder coming soon, releasing first quarter 2022. Update: Released! Order now!

Fall With Me Author: Chelsea Bee Genre: Romance Chelsea Bee returns with a story of finding love through loss in Fall With Me, the story of two lovers who find themselves on what they thought would be the last night of their lives. Preorders open soon, releasing first quarter 2022. Update: Released! Order now!

The most ridiculous thing: that's not even all of it! Stay tuned for more giant 2022 announcements!

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