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Pre-Order and Cover Reveal: It's Just Politics

In this poignant memoir, Sonia B. Glover offers a brilliant first-hand account of John Efford’s 2001 Liberal Leadership campaign as only a true insider could. From her position as Communications Lead, Ms. Glover had a front row seat to the highs and epic lows of one of the most memorable political races in the province’s history.

A newcomer to the political scene at the time, Ms. Glover tells her story with an openness and honesty that takes a balanced approach to what was an explosive Liberal leadership race. We are led through John Efford’s initial announcement and are with the campaign every step of the way, right up to the fateful events of the stormy convention weekend and through the fallout for the Liberal Party afterwards.

Featuring full colour photos from the campaign trail, and a foreword by former CBC journalist and producer Doug Letto, this book is an essential piece of Newfoundland and Labrador’s political history.

Sonia B. Glover is a public relations professional and has worked in senior levels of the provincial and federal governments and the private sector for over 25 years. In her earlier career, she worked as a journalist for newsprint and radio. Ms. Glover’s first book, “Coping with Crohn’s – The Pain & The Laughter” was published in 2007. Born in Gander, NL and raised in Hare Bay, Ms. Glover has made St. John’s her home for the past 30 years. She lives with her husband Paul Sullivan and their treasured Ragdoll cats – Mia and Marley.

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