Well, that was quite the pause....
April 21, 2015

Never Been to MarsA personal mesage from Matthew LeDrew:

Well, that was quite the lapse in communication, wasn't it? October 2014 to late April 2015 without a single Engen news story. Were we really doing nothing all that time? In a word: No. And if you thought so you should know us better by now.

We've actually been quite busy, all of us, operating at all corners of the Engen Universe, both personally and professionally.

Some of the biggest news comes from The Benedict Forecasts. Larry Gent has passed in his first draft of the second book in that series, which is currently scheduled for release in late 2015. This comes hot on the heals of the premiere novel -- Never Been to Mars -- taking home the silver medal at the "Best of Halifax: awards. ... Read More

The Amazing Atlanticon!!
October 03, 2014
Atlanticon 3 took place on September 26, 27, and 28 2014 at the Memorial University Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook Newfoundland, to great success. With amazing attendance including fans, actors, authors, and cos-players, the convention was a fun, amazing weekend for all involved.

Headlined by Robert Axelrod (the voice of Lord Zedd and Finster from the classic Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers) and joined by Cara Nicole, Alfred Trujillo, and award-winning author of Royal Flush and Taking Stock Scott Bartlett, the convention was also attended by a plethora of Engen Authors, including Steve Lake and Darren Hann (Sci-Fi from the Rock Returns), Sarah Thompson (author of light|dark), Ellen Curtis (author of Compendium, Infinity, and the Tourniquet Reprisal) and Black Womb author Matthew LeDrew. ... Read More

Atlanticon 3, September 26-29 2014!!
September 20, 2014

ATLANTI-CON is a sci-fi / fantasy / comics / gaming and anime convention being held in Corner Brook in September 2012.

The First Annual ATLANTI-CON was held in September, 2012 with an overall participation of approximately 600 people.

A second convention, held at Grenfell Campus in September 2013l, was such a success with nearly 1000 people in attendance! ... Read More

YouTube loves us, baby!!
July 20, 2014
Popular YouTuber It's May Again (itsmayagain) has shared her love of all-things Engen via her recurring book review segment : Bookworm.

The first review was on May 7th, when May tackled the newest series from Engen Books, Larry Gent's Never Been to Mars.

"[I've said that] writing in the first person can be exceptionally lazy. This is the exception that proves the rule," said May, on Never Been to Mars. "I definitely saw the universe that this was placed in, and it was more tangible having been written in the first person perspective... if you're going to buy any of the books that I recommend to you, let this be the one."

That glowing review was followed, on July 11th, by another glowing review: this time for Matthew LeDrew and Ellen Curtis's Infinity. ... Read More